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“Shayne and Liz are the perfect pairing. Combine her knowledge with his vision and there is no time for complacency. An elated customer is always the aim and focus. 

As a young girl, Liz was always drawn to the beauty industry. She was fascinated by it. It did not take long for those surrounding her to begin to notice this. By the time she was a teenager, Liz had earned the trust and confidence of friends and family alike. Everyone wanted her opinion on what to wear and how to do their makeup. In fact, she often found herself tending to a long line of friends and family members waiting to have their makeup done before a wedding, dance or other large event. 

In 2018, Liz decided to turn her passion into reality. She began studying to become a licensed esthetician at NIMA, the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics. As she was studying, she and her husband, Shayne got their start in business by starting a hospitality business, a business which they still own today. In their infant years in business, they learned quickly that putting clients' needs first would take care of them and their young, growing family. 

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As a young boy, Shayne constantly found himself thinking of new ideas and inventions. He envisioned himself as his own boss- a problem solver. This thinking led him to his start in business in 2016. He hasn’t worked a job since and attributes his success to his constant desire and love of learning. Today, Shayne owns and operates 2 businesses side by side with his wife, Liz. Together they form an epic duo with an insatiable desire to provide value to all whom they come in contact with. Shayne is a big believer in "The 4 agreements." Doing his best and being impeccable with his word are the bedrock of his core beliefs and values.

“Liz has always been a wealth of knowledge in the beauty realm. Her hyper focus in the lash and brow industry has seemingly only increased her passion.”

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“Shayne has an insatiable appetite for success. Settling is never an option. He is adept at solving problems and providing value. He has found great joy in the Lash and Brow industry by applying these same principles.

My Lash Bomb under the direction of Shayne and Liz Myers has partnered with Beautiful Brows and Lashes. In doing so, they are committed to providing the best Lash and Brow products and training the industry has to offer. Nowhere else can you find top notch educators along with the best products in the same place. Through constant learning, attention to detail and commitment to our customers, we are headed to the top.

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