Professional Brow Tint

My Lash Bomb offers a variety of colors when it comes to professional brow tints. Whether the eyebrows are black, dark brown or light brown, you have come to the right place. We have the color for you and your clients.

Please note: Our lash and brow products are for trained/licenced professionals only.

Can I Do Eyebrow Tinting at Home?


Experts and beauticians strongly recommend seeing a professional rather than attempting an eyebrow tint home. They have higher quality products, experience matching hair colors and the precision they work with is unmatched. The last thing you want is to experiment at home and end up with brows that are way too dark. Brow tinting is semi permanent and it’ll take over a month to get them back to their natural color.

Above all, is that if something goes wrong, they know how to fix it. You won't be stuck with something you don't love.  

To ensure a superior and very professional eyebrow tint, we stock only the best brow tinting collection by Beautiful Brows & Lashes.

These intensive eyebrow tints create stunning, high-quality results, resulting in lovely, stylish brows every time. Made in the UK, each tint is made from a delicate blend of ingredients, which deliver long-lasting, spectacular looks your clients will love for their eyebrows.

There are five luxurious brow tinting colors available, which you can buy in a set, as part of a brow tinting kit, or in individual 20 ml tubes. Choose from Brown, Mid Brown, Natural Brown, Deep Black or Blue Black.

These amazing brow tints produce the ultimate in eyebrow tinting. Our world renowned tint colors are made with specially blended ingredients that give the eyebrow a stunning look along with the longevity that your clients seek.

The eyebrow tints are equally effective when used in the semi-permanent tinting of eyelashes.

Tint Packs

Our Tint Kit is available in a variety of sizes to satisfy the demands of all salon professionals.

Our Beginners Brow & Lash Tint Packs include intensive eyebrow tint, a dappen dish, tint brush and tint developer for the perfect tint mixture. With faster processing times and world renowned quality, they are perfect for both the beginner and experienced professional.

Choose which color you want shipped to your salon when you order your brow tint kit today!

The Semi Permanent Brow Tinting process consists of four well-defined steps:

STEP 1: Preparation:- Remove contact lenses (If wearing). Clean the eye-area with lash cleanser and cotton pads. Place bio gel under eye patch underneath lashes.

STEP 2: Mix & Apply:- Immediately before tinting mix 1 cm of Beautiful Brows and Lashes Tint and 3 drops of Cream Developer. Apply to lashes using your tint brush.

STEP 3: Application time:- 10 minutes. If the application follows a lash lift: 5 minutes.

STEP 4: Removal:- Remove eye pads and wipe clean with a warm moist cotton pad. Wiping from the root area down to the tips and onto the lash shield. Eyes must remain closed until the last trace of paste has been removed from the eyelashes.

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My Lash Bomb offers a variety of colors when it comes to professional brow tint. Whether the client's brows are black, brown or light brown you have to come to the right place. We have the colors.  

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Our Promise to You

My Lash Bomb is committed to providing the best the Lash and Brow industry has to offer. That is why we have partnered with Beautiful Brows and Lashes to distribute the best products and educational training available. Nowhere else can you find top notch educators along with the best products in the same place.  

Through constant learning, attention to detail and commitment to our customers, we are headed to the top. 

Our training courses offer expert tuition in every aspect of eyebrow and eyelash enhancement including lifting, lamination, curling, perming, shaping, plus marketing and salon management skills with both Online and in person options. Start your journey towards becoming a top notch professional with us.

We won’t let you down!

Our world class product range ensures delivery of the finest brow or lash lift treatment a client could ask for. From an individual eyelash perm kit or lash lift kits to comprehensive kits, our quality and value is unmatched. We also take great pride in our customer service, offering fast secure delivery, great prices and a large selection to enhance the shopping experience. All online from our easy to use website. 


Who is My Lash Bomb?

My Lash Bomb is under the direction of husband and wife Shayne and Liz Myers who are both firmly committed to providing the best the Lash and Brow industry has to offer.  

Liz is a professionally trained, highly qualified and fully licenced esthetician who studied through the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA). 

Shayne has an insatiable appetite for success in business through excellence. Together, they own and operate two businesses and form an epic duo of knowledge and passion. Anything less than the best just won’t cut it.


At My Lash Bomb, the customer is king.

We aspire to two things: to provide the best eyelash and eyebrow products and to support them and our customers with an unrivalled standard of customer service.

How does this translate to our clients?

Simple. We help create experts in both training and application while enabling our clients with the knowledge on how to build a very successful, profitable business. The best products in the world at a fair price and the spreading of knowledge are the foundations on which My Lash Bomb is predicated.

To ensure quick delivery of our products, My Lash Bomb has worked hard to develop a shipping and delivery system second to none. This ensures that each of our customers receives the items they need as quickly as possible. Our website is simple to search and use with honest and genuine reviews from the market we serve.

Try it and see for yourself.

Our search system makes it easy and you can read each review as you go. We have a comprehensive catalogue of items at the best price and availability.

Make it the first place you visit, and it will be the last.

Looking for a specific tint color or look? Planning an eyelash lift or eyelash perm? Find the items you are shopping for in minutes.

About Beautiful Brows and Lashes

Quite simply, UK-based Beautiful Brows and Lashes are theleading Brow and Lash supplier for Salons and Beauty Professionals, and the home of everything Brows and Lashes. Their products are used by thousands of professionals across the world.

Please note: Our products are for trained/licenced professionals only.